1st Feb 2017

You are required by Law in Thailand to renew your insurance and registration on your vehicle each year, failing to do so will result in no 3rd party liability insurance if you get in an accident and of course a […]

17th Aug 2015

Last year I got a temporary driver’s license for both my motorbike and my car in Thailand. Recently that 1 year license has expired and it is time to move on to the next step, the 5 year license. I […]

13th Aug 2015

I got a Thailand motorcycle driver’s license last year for the first time. Since it was my first license in Thailand you are only issued a 1 year temporary license, though I have heard you can now get a two […]

31st May 2014

My Personal Experience On Getting Both My Motorbike and Car Driver’s License in Pattaya, Thailand: 1. I first went to Immigration with my Passport, Visa and my Condo Lease showing my address in Thailand. 2. I went to the little […]

31st May 2014

Living in Thailand you will soon realize that the rules of the road are quite different. A large number of the population do not have a proper driver’s license and lack any actual driving training in cars and/or motorbikes. When […]